Disaster: Day of Crisis release date confirmed

Disaster: Day of Crisis is one of those Wii games that have existed in theory before the console even launched, and like Sadness or Project HAMMER, looked destined to become vaporware. However, unlike those latter games, Disaster actually has an official release date — scheduled to launch, in the UK at least, on October 24.

The game sees main character Raymond Bryce tackle all manner of natural disasters, ranging from tsunamis and earthquakes to volcanic eruptions and hurricanes. An interesting concept indeed, and one that has a lot of potential on the Wii.

However, this game has been nothing but a quiet concept for two years, and suddenly we have a release date that’s just over a month away. What’s going on? Has the developer simply managed to avoid press coverage while working diligently these past two years? One would like to think so, but this is the games industry, and it screams of a last-minute rush job. 

Maybe I’m wrong, but there’s something very bizarre indeed about this sudden release date.

James Stephanie Sterling