Disaster: Day of Crisis game play explained, videos

The official Japanese Web site for Disaster: Day of Crisis has just updated with plenty of game play and control examples for this upcoming Wii title.

As you would have guessed from a Wii game, Disaster has you holding the Wii Remote like a gun, holding it pointed to the screen to aim and pulling the “b” trigger to fire. 

When you’re not shooting terrorists, you’re saving everyone you come across from a massive earthquake. A flick of your Wii Remote reaches out to a boy hanging off a ledge. The rhythmic shaking of your Remote saves a victim in need of CPR. You get the idea, right? Disaster also packs in tilt-controlled driving as well.

It doesn’t sound as exciting on paper, but once you see the videos of game play, you might come around. We’re looking forward to getting our hands on this. What about you? 

Dale North