Dirty lies: Lexicon fakes DS screenshots for new game

CVG has a post up exposing the filthy chicanery of Lexicon after receiving some fake DS screens for sidescrolling shooter Ocean Commander. Lexicon Entertainment released ten new screenshots — six for the Wii version, four for the DS — but the DS screens are merely the Wii ones shrunk down and cobbled together.

Of those four, two are in-game. But they’re not of the DS version. Have a good look and you’ll see that they’re both actually identical in every way to two of the Wii screenshots, even down to bullet placement, ship position and score.

Why would there be a HUB in the lower screen of the DS, if the top screen clearly takes HUB duties. Someone will have had to make the effort of shrinking and attaching the Wii screens to a top screen shot to create the intentional DS deception. 

Wow, how frightfully lazy. Did they think nobody would notice, or were they simply hoping that everyone who caught the scam would simply let it slide? Lexicon, this is the Internet, were people can tell a photoshop from fifteen paces — this was going to get spotted. 

Stupid, stupid people.

James Stephanie Sterling