Dirty Dancing game announced: ZOMGROMANCE!!!

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I tremble at the logic here. Somewhere, a room full of people not only came up with the concept for this game, but decided it would be GOOD. Blame Codemasters for this fearful turn of events, who apprently teamed up with Lionsgate to produce this work of rapture for the PC. Per the teaser page:

“Work alongside the team at the Kellerman’s resort, play through a fantastic variety of fun mini-games and earn camp dollars to purchase Dirty Dancing® memorabilia, cabin furnishings, and the all-important dance lessons with Johnny and Penny. How will you fare in the end of season dance contest?”

Wow. I feel transformed just knowing it’s on the way. Since the start of my gamer years, I have always wanted to live vicariously through Baby’s painful crush and eventual torrid love affair with Patrick Swayze. In all honesty, who doesn’t want to know what the love of Patrick Swayze is like? I envision it as powerful and invigorating, kind of like snorting coke while playing Cho Eniki.

Hit the jump if you’d like to experience the joy of the press release. 

Codemasters Online Gaming Unveils the Official Dirty Dancing Video Game!

As Part of the Celebration for the Timeless Classic’s 20th Anniversary, Codemasters Online Gaming Prepares for the “Time of Our Lives” as

Codemasters Online Gaming today unveiled details on its next exciting casual game – Dirty Dancing – The Video Game! In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the movie, fans can now step back into the year 1963 and encounter the world of their favourite film. Through this action puzzler, Dirty Dancing enthusiasts now have the opportunity to experience the life of Baby, learn to dance with the resident dancing couple, Johnny and Penny, and work alongside the team at the renowned Kellerman’s Mountain House Resort.

David Solari, Vice President and General Manager of Codemasters Online Gaming commented “Dirty Dancing is one of the most beloved movies of all time with millions of dedicated fans across the world! Dirty Dancing – The Video Game will make the perfect Christmas present for fans of the movie, and we are thrilled to be able to bring this much loved film to the video game world!

“As casual gaming continues to explode in popularity, it is becoming more necessary than ever to provide compelling, multi-faceted titles that people can relate to in order to break away from the clutter,” said Anne Parducci, EVP Marketing, Lionsgate. “Dirty Dancing delivers compelling subject matter that has all the tools to become an instant hit online. The movie appeals to audiences of all ages and continues to win over new fans through increased exposure from the highly successful DVDs and multiple airings on cable. For two decades, girls and women have identified with Baby, and through this wonderful game from Codemasters, they will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in her world like never before.”

One of the most enduring modern classics in feature film and home entertainment history, the release of Dirty Dancing – The Video Game will cap off a year-long celebration by Lionsgate in honor of the movie’s 20th Anniversary. Earlier this month, Lionsgate released a 20th anniversary edition DVD and Blu-ray disc along with a remastered companion CD from Sony/BMG. Both those releases came on the heels of a theatrical event that sold out theatres nationwide and resulted in ticket sales of more than 80,000 over a two-day period.

First released in 1987, Dirty Dancing redefined date movies and continues to captivate the hearts and minds of generations of fans, generating more than $170 million in worldwide box office receipts and selling more than 10 million DVDs. Starring Jennifer Grey (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) as “Baby” Houseman and Patrick Swayze (Ghost) as the sexy Johnny Castle, Dirty Dancing is the story of a naïve girl who meets an experienced dance instructor and becomes his pupil in dance and love. The Oscar®-winning film (Best Music, Original Song) was recently named one of the Top 10 Date Movies of all time, according to an E! Entertainment Television poll of industry executives and celebrities.

Developed by Say Design and set for release on PC in late 2007, Dirty Dancing the Video Game is a premium, action puzzler Casual Game.

For more information on Dirty Dancing the Video Game visit www.codemasters.com/dirtydancing
For the latest news on Dirty Dancing’s 20th Anniversary, visit www.DirtyDancing.com.

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