Dirty Bomb is hitting open beta on June 2

It’s not quite Brink, but it could be

I’ve mentioned this on Destructoid before, but I’ll be damned if I’m missing the chance to mention it again: Brink was a great game, people were wrong about it being bad.

I bring that up, because Brink developer Splash Damage and publisher Nexon have announced their newest game, the free-to-play FPS Dirty Bomb, will finally be going in to open beta on June 2, after a pretty dang lengthy closed beta period. The game was originally titled Dirty Bomb, before being changed to the bland as hell Extraction, only for it to be changed back to Dirty Bomb. 

The video above showcases exactly what Dirty Bomb is for those who have yet to see it in action. Come June 2, the open beta will be available on Steam for all to experience its ingeniously named mercenaries such as ‘Rhino’, ‘Fletcher’, and of course my personal favourite, ‘Nader’ the Grenade expert. Creative.

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