DiRT Rally is about to get PlayStation VR and co-driver support

Post-release upgrades like this have turned out well so far

Codemasters is planning an upgrade for DiRT Rally that enables PlayStation VR support as well as a co-driver feature in which a friend can use a second controller to send you calls. Talk about a trust exercise! While this will be sold as DLC, a new retail edition of Rally will have the add-on baked in.

It might go without saying, but the VR support extends to “every car, every route, and every discipline.” I feel like that’s actually worth stressing, though, in the case of game’s like TrackMania Turbo which cordon off their VR functionality. That said, this is a paid upgrade, so you’d expect as much.

Funnily-labeled screenshots aside, here’s how it looks:

I passed on Driveclub VR, but this? I may just go for this. The DLC is due “in the coming weeks” and while Codemasters didn’t specify pricing in its blog post, Eurogamer is reporting a £9.99 price tag.

Wonder if there’ll be a demo.

Announcing: DiRT Rally PS VR [Codemasters]

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