DIRECTV’s ‘NFL Sunday Ticket’ coming to PlayStation 3

Now that the NFL has decided to finally work itself out, it’s that time again… football! Are you ready for it?

If you’ve got a PlayStation 3 and are willing to pay up, you can be REALLY ready for it. Sony has announced that it’s partnered with DIRECTV to bring its popular “NFL Sunday Ticket” to the PS3.

The service offers up to 14 NFL games every sunday in full high definition, as well as DIRECTV’s Red Zone channel. If you’re already a DIRECTV subscriber, you can get access on your PS3 for an additional $50. If you’re not a subscriber, don’t worry — you can spend $339.95 for the season and get access.

Not being a football fan, I’ve got a few questions for those of you who are. First of all: $339.95? Really? Is that reasonable? Second: how in the hell does anyone have time to watch 14 NFL games on Sunday!?

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Nick Chester