Diner Dash announced for PSP, DS

When you’re done with Cooking Mama, then maybe you can think about trying the role of a waitress. At least, that’s what Eidos wants you to do with Diner Dash — due to hit the PSP and DS this spring. Why should you care about this? Wasn’t Cooking Mama pretty much all around awesome? And hey, who doesn’t want to fulfill the role of an underpaid diner waitress? I know I do. From the release:

No show of superhuman speed goes unappreciated in this fast-paced game of culinary satisfaction. Play as Flo and serve yummy dishes, clean up icky messes, and keep your critic happy to score top reviews in this game that makes you work for your pay!  But watch out for screaming babies, long wait times, and noisy cell-phone talkers – they may make your other guests unhappy. Only you hold the key to restaurant bliss in this game that makes you the master of your very own restaurant empire.  

Robert Summa