Digital Leisure celebrates the 25th anniversary of Dragon’s Lair

Do you have fond memories of the first time you helped Dirk the Daring rescue Princess Daphne from the evil dragon all those years ago? Well, lucky you — I think they stopped making the arcade cabinets a good eleven years before I had ever heard of Dragon’s Lair.

In celebration of the classic franchise’s 25 years of existence, Digital Leisure is giving those of us late to the party a chance to experience the original game in super-shiny HD at a slightly reduced price. Starting next week, they’ll be giving all Dragon’s Lair games sold through their online store a 25 percent discount, and if you decide to spring for the DVD, HD DVD or Blu-ray versions — $22.46 and $37.47 post-discount — the game’s creators will personally sign your copy.

If you’re in the mood to spend even more money in the celebration of all things Dragon’s Lair, you can also pick up a limited edition movie-style poster for the whopping price of $80. While the (very tiny) pictures of it look nice, there’s no way I’d spend that much money on a poster, limited edition or not.

Digital Leisure will also be giving away a giclée (I had to look it up too) of the opening castle scene to one lucky contest winner. In order to enter, you’ll need to fill out a short form on their site.

Justin Villasenor