Digital download comics coming to PSP in Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has announced today that it will delivering comic book content to the PlayStation Portable later this year, via the PlayStation Store. 

While no details on things like pricing or specifics have been announced, you won’t need one of the fancy new PSPgos to view it — it’ll be compatible with all PSP models. And why wouldn’t it be, really? One place you won’t be able to view them, it seems: Your PlayStation 3. The content will only be available to download and view on the handheld. 

No word on whether or not this is coming to North America… yet. But Comic Con is at the end of the month, and Sony will be there, an announcement wouldn’t be too surprising.

This is something I’d keep an eye on. Love me some comic books, but the material they’re printing them on these days is getting a bit… expensive. And heavy, especially if I want to carry around a graphic novel or multiple issues. Let’s see if Sony and its partners can deliver content that’s both attractive and affordable. 

What comics/manga would you like to see on the PlayStation Store? 

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