Die before you buy: Left 4 Dead demo confirmed

Most people have probably long since made up their minds about purchasing Left 4 Dead. Valve’s AI scripted, co-op zombie shooter has received a very warm reception from both the gaming press and gamers themselves. There are, of course, two very good reasons for this: Valve is making it, and there are zombies. What better combination could a potential blockbuster ask for?

Still, it’s both nice and reassuring to know that Valve won’t just be hiding behind this hype to rely on sales — a demo has been announced that will hopefully confirm Left 4 Dead’s awesome potential to the public at large. There had been some previous talk about a demo being in the works, but this is the first solid confirmation.  

“We will be releasing demos for both the Xbox and for the PC,” Managing Director Gabe Newell affirmed. “I don’t know what the date is for release on that, though. I think it’s going to contain the first part of one of the campaigns. I think it’ll probably be Hospital but I’m not sure. That’s a decision that Doug Lombardi is making.”

Newell also confirmed that the demo would contain both “single-player and co-op,” giving players the option to be overrun by the undead along with their friends.

Were you already planning on buying Left 4 Dead even without trying a demo? Are you, like me, hoping that the demo comes out quite a while before the game’s November 21 release date? Two plus months just seems like such a long time to wait.

[Thanks, Joe]

Justin Villasenor