Did You Know Gaming’s new video celebrates the Nintendo DS

Handheld gaming redefined

The good folk at Did You Know Gaming have uploaded a new video, and it’s taking another look at one of the most beloved video game consoles of all-time, the Nintendo DS.

Originally launched in 2004 as the successor to the popular Game Boy Advance, the Nintendo DS proceeded to dominate the market with an incredible library of games from a variety of genres. The console would ever bag that most desired of audiences, the “casual gamer” (I fucking hate that term) with an array of simple but addictive time-wasters.

The video features information of the console’s design choices, as well as its struggles to combat the dreaded R4 Card, and its variety of code and alternate names. Makes for a fun watch during your mid-morning coffee. I particularly like the DSi utopia we could all have been living in at 07:51.

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