Did You Know Gaming’s look at Ape Escape is bananas

Cookies and gadgets are all a kid needs

There’s a special place in my heart for Ape Escape. It’s one of the first video games I remember buying. I played it for hours. Its combination of cool gadgets, goofy apes, and groundbreaking dual analog control scheme blew my middle school mind.

I didn’t keep up with the franchise after Ape Escape, outside of watching a few Ape Escape 2 speedruns, but the latest video from Did You Know Gaming works as a crash course in the series’ history. There’s information about the origins of Ape Escape‘s dual analog controls, unused assets, and the series’ hidden pop culture references.

Plus, there’s some footage of Ape Escape‘s monkeys in Monster Rancher 4. Both of those franchises need to make a comeback.

Ray Porreca
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