Did You Know Gaming wants to yell some facts about Tingle at you

The audience is now deaf

One of the strangest games I own is this little gem for the DS called Tingle’s Freshly Picked Rosy Rupeeland. Never released in the North America but playable on my DSi XL due to Nintendo not implementing region lock, it is an absolutely weird-ass adventure game that, for me, stands beside other great oddities to make it out of Japan like Cubivore, Prey the Stars, and Snowpack Park. I love a game that can leave me dumbfounded and Rupeeland achieves that without a sweat.

I thought I knew everything there is to know about Tingle, including information on games that never made it out of Japan. Turns out I was wrong, and this Did You Know Gaming video on the green fairy educated me to some new information by screaming it directly at me.

CJ Andriessen
Just what the internet needs: yet another white guy writing about video games.