Did they think an open Twitter Q&A for Randy Pitchford would go well?


This morning, the Develop Conference tweeted, “Question for [Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford]? tweet us and we’ll put the question to him for the Q&A. Use the hashtag .”

Unfortunately for Develop, people on the Internet do indeed have a lot of questions for Pitchford, most of which seem to still involve the disaster that was Aliens: Colonial Marines. Also, that hashtag kind of reads like “ass candy.”

On one hand, Pitchford still has a lot to answer for with regards to Aliens. That’s to say nothing for Duke Nukem Forever, or the fact that Gearbox, generally speaking, doesn’t make particularly good games anyways.

On the other hand, Pitchford blessed the world with this:

Anyways, people have ass candy questions for Randy.

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