Did Social Justice Warriors Win PAX East?

Hard to tell the SJWs from the trolls sometimes…

Mere seconds ago, I discovered that I am on the original list that inspired the development of a game called Social Justice Warriors. There is even an attack in the game based on some of the specific wording found on that list. Weirdly enough, when I wrote about the list last year, my goal was to encourage people to stop feeling guilty about what games they like and to save their feelings of remorse for instances where they may have treated other people poorly. That sentiment seemed to annoy a lot of people for some reason.

I still feel that way though. If more videogame people stopped worrying so much about if they’re on the right side of whatever “philosophy on games” is in discussion at the moment, and to worry more about doing the right thing when engaging with other people in those discussions, we’d all be a lot better off. As it turns out, that’s pretty much what Social Justice Warriors (the game) is all about. 

Do you agree with my philosophy on how people should treat each other? If so, does that mean you think that Social Justice Warriors is the winner of PAX East, or is the Food Court still more deserving of that title? How about Dad by the Sword? Pick your side carefully, because this is videogames we’re talking about. If people find out that you like (or don’t like) the right (or wrong) game for the right (or wrong) reasons, you may end up on a list yourself someday. Oh the humanity!

Jonathan Holmes
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