Did Peach break up with Mario? Nintendo Mobile’s new video introduces Mario to newcomers

Did you know Mario can run and jump?

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This may come as a shock, but there are people who have no idea who or what Mario is. But they sure do know what mobile phones are, hence Nintendo Mobile’s new video advert for Super Mario Run which introduces what he’s all about to people new to the series. The target audience for this is more than likely children who did not grow up on Mario like we did, at least not yet.

The video shows art of the red-capped Italian hero along with various enemies and items from some of his most popular titles. Luigi is introduced as his brother and Bowser and his lackeys barge in as the villains, but not before we meet Mario and Luigi’s friends Toad, Yoshi, and…Peach? Poor Mario, all that work just to get dumped in the end. Sure, she and Luigi are just friends, but I don’t think it would be a waste of time to give her a special tribute like Bowser and Luigi received in order to establish her love with Mario.

Finally, before the command to go download Super Mario Run, it shows off his basic “moves” like dashing, jumping, swimming, wall-jumping, as well as a few power-ups and their effects. It’s hard to imagine, but the reality is that Super Mario Run will be the first Mario game for many people.

Instead of kids growing up and sharing secrets about secret pipes, taking turns with friends, then growing up to see the in-genius aspects of game design imbued in even the first stage, they’ll be talking about those coins they had to collect. Coins that have to be obtained on three separate runs that could’ve all been put into the level and not necessitated three runs, but that would mean Nintendo would have to find other ways to pad the game length. Like more content.

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