Did Blizzard just confirm Diablo III on consoles?

If taken at face value, a casual Tweet from Blizzard community manager “Bashiok” has confirmed a Diablo III console release. Of course, the very casual nature of the confirmation makes it a little puzzling. 

Bashiok was responding to a fan, who asked if he could confirm a console port. The community man happily obliged, stating: “Yup. Josh Mosqueira is lead designer for the Diablo console project.”

Blizzard has in the past confirmed that it’s “looking into” a console port, which may be what Bashiok was intending to say. Still, saying “Yup” when asked to confirm a definite console release is a bit more concrete than that. 

Whether this is a case of bad communication or an actual confirmation is yet to be seen, but people are already running with the latter. That means it’s most likely going to be the former.

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