Diablo IV rumored to be opening its dank dungeons April 2023

diablo iv release date rumor april 2023

The Devil’s in the Details

As Blizzard Entertainment continues beavering away at its upcoming sequel Diablo IV, the rumor mills have started churning out potential dates for the eventual return of one of gaming’s grimmest and most uniquely compelling dungeon crawlers. We have already been told the title will be “playable” in 2023, though when and in what form remains a mystery.

Enter frequent spoiler XboxEra podcast, as hosted by Windows Central. In the most recent episode of the show, it was suggested that Blizzard could be planning on launching the sequel as soon as April of next year, with pre-orders opening in December, perhaps following a brand new trailer at the upcoming Game Awards show, which is currently scheduled to take place exactly one month from now. Pre-orders are expected to include standard editions alongside Blizzard’s typical premium collector’s set.

Of course, this is mostly hearsay (or should that be “heresy”?) for now, but the XboxEra podcast has been pretty much on the money when it comes to the revelation of upcoming projects and release dates. We already know that Diablo IV is in a very playable form, as private betas have been circling among staff and colleagues for some time now (complete with oodles of leaked footage). Sping 2023 still seems a little early, but if Overwatch 2 has taught us anything, Blizzard is not the “ready when it’s ready” company it once was, and is seemingly far more interested in getting products out in customers’ hands ASAP.

Diablo IV is currently in development for PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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