Diablo III’s Auction House and regional play explained

With Diablo III only two weeks away, developer Blizzard has dropped some more info on two of the more controversial aspects of the game, namely the Auction House and Global Play. There’s a detailed FAQ been released to give out some more information about the Auction House and it does answer some of the questions I’ve had about how purchases with real money will work in Diablo III

Whilst the idea of paying real cash for virtual loot in Diablo III seems nuts to me, the Auction House is probably going to be a hit with hardcore fans. One interesting note is that Blizzard have confirmed that players can opt out of using the real-world auction house from within the game, just in case the temptation is there. All I know is that I’ll be keeping my wallet away from the game, at least to begin with.

Diablo III will also be split into three separate regional groups: the Americas, Europe, and Asia. What’s disheartening is that you’ll need to create a different character to play in another region. So if you’re in the UK like myself, you’re required to build a new character to play with your friends in North America. What will also annoy Australian players is that they’ve been lumped in with the North American region which will be handy for international co-op but a real pain if there’s not dedicated Australian servers.

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