Diablo becomes an Amazon top seller

Oh, you crazy kids and your clicky-clicky loot games. In the wake of Diablo III‘s official announcement, it seems that fans of picking up crap that a skeleton dropped simply can’t wait for the PC roleplayer to arrive, and are filling in time with the Diablo Battle Chest.

Diablo Battle Chest collects the original Diablo, Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction along with two hint guides in one handy box, providing fans of the Blizzard series with everything they need to catch up. It currently rests atop the mountain as Amazon’s top-selling PC game, but you better hurry if you want one — at present, there are but three left in stock. Oh noes!

I’m guessing this Diablo stuff is a big deal, right?

[Cheers, Zulu]

James Stephanie Sterling