Diablo 4 players form ‘Ashava Trophy Club’ (ATC) around exclusive beta reward

Diablo 4 Ashava Dead

Access is granted via your golden horn trophy

Diablo 4 fans lucky super strong and talented enough to take down Ashava during the Server Slam beta event acquired a limited-time mount trophy that will carry into the full release. The trophy is a cosmetic golden-styled horn that will attach to the rear of your mount and symbolizes your victory over the powerful world boss.

But a group of elite players are trying to give the trophy much more meaning. They have created an exclusive club called the “Ashava Trophy Club” or ATC for short. Requirements to join this club are simple: Proof that you have the elusive Cry of Ashava mount trophy. Once you have submitted the necessary screenshots to prove you downed the world boss you are granted access.

The club founders have taken to Reddit to create the /r/diablo4ATClub subreddit as a meeting ground for its members.  It revolves around the coveted horn, which according to the subreddit’s description is no ordinary trophy:

“The Ashava Trophy is a legendary artifact that collects tears and has turned them into a highly sought-after commodity. Tears cascade into the horn, creating a sad yet mesmerizing waterfall of emotions. Possessors of this exclusive horn indulge in the highest form of emotional currency, collecting tears from those who long for its unattainable charm. It has become a symbol of exclusivity, elevating tears into a valuable asset.”

Diablo 4 Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy
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Joining the ATC

Although you may be looking to join the ‘Ashava Trophy Club’ (ATC), you probably can’t. If you skipped the Server Slam beta event or failed to reach level 20 and kill Ashava, you will not receive the trophy. Furthermore, Blizzard has indicated that this was, currently, the only way this horn will be obtainable. Unless they plan to go back on their word and add an alternative way to receive it in the future, the trophy will be forever unobtainable. But let’s be real, would you really want that? While this may seem like a somewhat elitist requirement to join the club, let’s be honest: you’re probably just saying that because you don’t have the trophy.

Cheers 🍻
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ATC status comes with many benefits as well. Once you have confirmed your status you will receive the 🏆Ashava Trophy God🏆 flair on the subreddit to embellish your accomplishment. Likewise, the club has created a discord for fellow horn-havers to group up when the full game releases in just over a week. That way they won’t have to run the risk of running a dungeon or tackling a boss with non-ATC members.

Someone has even floated the idea of creating an exclusive ATC dating app so you don’t have to weed through the hornless when trying to find your soulmate.

ATC dating app?
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Bare-mares need not apply

Obviously, those who failed to slay Ashava need their own status in Kyovashad as well. Consequently, they have been given the title “bare-mare”. The term derives from the fact that the mounts of those who failed to complete the achievement will in fact be bare. They won’t have the subtle glimmer as the sunlight shines through the Fractured Peaks and reflects off their golden horn.

As a result, bare-mares have begun to band together in rebellion against the superior ACT elite. “This trophy is not only completely irrelevant to me but I also think it looks ugly,” a bare-mare cried out about the aptly named Cry of Ashava mount trophy.

Stay thirsty my friends
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The truth about the Cry of Ashava mount trophy

In case you didn’t notice, most of this is satirical in nature. In reality, the Cry of Ashava mount trophy is more than likely one of dozens of potential trophies you can cosmetically attach to your mount. A Bound Faith mount trophy is obtainable for purchasing select Diablo 4-themed Steelseries products, and we know there will be some on the battle pass. You may even be able to purchase some mount trophies using gold in-game or for completing certain achievements.

In truth, obtaining the trophy was really more of a test of time than it was skill. The boss only spawned nine times over the course of the event, in three-hour increments. If you were busy on Saturday it would have been hard to hit 20 and kill her in time. Also, we were led to believe the first two beta weekends would be the only ones. Many put dozens of hours into multiple characters during those events and didn’t want to start all over for an event that only lasted a couple of days and would be wiped again.

If you were able and interested in playing the Server Slam event, it’s not like the trophy was difficult to acquire. If you hit level 20 and used a decent build you could stand between Ashava’s hind-legs and dodge most attacks. Therefore, as long as you had a group that did at least some damage, you would easily take down Ashava.

Regarding the Diablo 4 community

I’ve seen several posts on the official subreddit and in other places condemning the Diablo 4 community. Some have even claimed the ACT is proof it will be toxic. Like all games there will certainly be some bad apples, but most are memeing. We’re all trying to pass the time while we anxiously await the full release of the game. I had the opportunity to put over 100 hours into the game across all the beta events. I didn’t have a single negative interaction across all of my characters. If anything my interactions with other players gave me nostalgic vanilla World of Warcraft vibes. Specifically, everyone was helpful and excited to be in this curious but familiar world.

I think people will look back and compare this to the “Git Gud” era of Dark Souls. A comical yet not serious footnote that everyone can relate to but not take seriously. The silly battle between the horn-havers and the bare-mares.

Diablo 4 launches June 5 at 19:00 ET worldwide on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. Those that have pre-ordered the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions get access on June 1 at 19:00 ET.

You will be able to find me in-game with the golden horn hanging off the back of my mount.

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