Dexter on iPhone will feature problem solving, also killing

Awhile back we announced that Showtime’s killer series, Dexter, would be hitting the iPhone. The only thing we knew at the time was that Marc Ecko Entertainment was in on it. Now, we have a few more meager details to sift through. The game will be based on the television show (surprise) and feature crime scene analysis and the choice between murder and litigation.

If it sounds odd, it’s probably because it is. The attached press release says that the game will “emphasize” investigation and then allow players to make the moral-bound killing choices that Dexter has, until this current season, made quite easily. We’re left to presume that Dexter finds men he wants to kill innocent in the course of events in the game.

I would have rather had a game that focused around the proper ways in which a sociopath conducts himself, like being exceedingly awkward at social functions or perfectly creasing his underwear. But after seeing the first few episodes of this abomination of a season, I’m left wondering if the iPhone title should just drop the whole murder thing and go straight for a grocery shopping simulation, where Dexter is forced to collect coupons and buy the right kind of diapers on a weekly basis.

Brad BradNicholson