Dexter gets detailed, also new screenshots for the iPhone killer app

Ah, the icy stare of a sociopath. Today Marc Ecko Entertainment released some new screenshots for their iPhone title, Dexter. They also released some clues as to what you’ll be doing in the title if you choose to pick it up this summer.

I should have guessed that a Dexter-based game would turn into an “act like a sociopath” simulation. Among the puzzle and stealth elements, players will be tasked with the responsibility of guarding Dexter’s violent nature. If character’s in the game suspect Dexter of committing nefarious acts on Miami’s worst, the game ends. A handy little bar gauges suspicion levels.

Also, that pre-op scene in the gallery is an actual element in the game. According to the press release, ‘slashing’ scenes will be controlled by the accelerometer. It’s a nifty gift to the people who always wanted to know what gesture to use with a bonesaw.

Hit the break for the press release and check out those screens. The game is looking mighty sharp.

From blurb:

The Dexter iPhone game will hit the App Store in iTunes in Summer 2009. Published by Marc Ecko Entertainment, and developed by Icarus Studios, the game is based on the Showtime original hit series DEXTER, and will involve puzzle solving, stealth tactics, mini-games, and “slashing” with the iPhone itself (using the accelerometer tech). You have two choices for how to control Dexter: you can tilt the iPhone left and right, then use the forward and backward buttons on-screen, or use a virtual joystick in the lower corner of the screen. Dexter’s interactions with other people require thought and strategy, as to not raise suspicions for Dexter’s “Dark Passenger”. This means maintaining your “Mask” – if this meter goes all the way down, it is game over. Scripted by one of the show’s writers, Timothy Schlattmann, and voiced by Michael C. Hall himself (star of the Dexter show), the game is a dark and addictive “premium” game that is unlike anything else released for this platform.

Brad BradNicholson