Devs take note: THIS is how you do a press release

Also, Frozen Synapse is now on iPhones

Frozen Synapse was a brilliant game when it released on PC in 2011. Its brilliance has since been ported to the iPad and now, the iPhone. To celebrate, the game is on sale on Steam! It’s easy to recommend to anyone who loves to see the best-laid plans of mice and computer men go awesome and exactly how they planned it.

But that’s not what I’m focused on here. I’m focused on the press release and accompanying trailer that Paul Kilduff-Taylor, developer at Mode 7 Games, has put together.

Just watch the trailer above; it’s less than a minute, and it is flippin’ wonderful. It gets the point across (Frozen Synapse is out for iPhone with PC cross-play ) and made me laugh, all in 53 seconds! Plus it has a cat!

As for the press release? Well, read it for yourself.

Hi Patrick,

Hope you’re well – we’ve just managed to get this finished!  Press release below…

Indie developers Mode 7 are pleased to announce the release of their cult simultaneous-turn-based tactical game Frozen Synapse on iPhone: it’s out on the App Store right now.

Here’s what it costs in different types of money from around the world: £1.99/$2.99/€2.69

Here are screenshots that are compatible with all types of eyes:

A video trailer showing off cross-play with the PC version:

The original PC version garnered a rather satisfying number of accolades including PC Gamer’s Strategy Game of the Year and an IGF Audience Award.  This was then followed by the critically acclaimed iPad version.  Frankly, we sicken ourselves.

“We love releasing new versions of Frozen Synapse even more than we love talking about how pleased we are to announce things,” said Joint Managing Director Paul Taylor earlier, quite pleased with himself.  “In essence, we’re pleased that somehow we have pushed this game inside a phone and we’re really hoping it doesn’t burst out before people get a chance to play it.”

Why so pleased?  Well, Frozen Synapse iPhone has managed to retain almost every single feature of its wider-girthed (that means PC and iPad) brethren.  It’s full of stuff…

Stuff like this:

– Play the full single player campaign and every multiplayer mode from the original game with your horrible little hands

– Enjoy full multiplayer cross-play on the same account: start a game on your hulking great desktop or iPad and finish it on your sleek telephone, perhaps during an important life event

– Play in portrait or landscape: marvel at a completely new UI crammed inside a phone

– Hotseat your way to both popularity and fortune (fortune sold separately) with local multiplayer!  Give you phone to your friend and then watch them beat you, steal it and send you texts from it explaining what a terrible person you are

– We wanted to have five bullet points so here is a picture of my cat not being impressed by the game:

If you would like any further info or promo codes, just reply to this mail!

Mode 7

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