Devolver Digital will be hosting demos for developers affected by the US travel ban


Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban” is hurting more than just families and US foreign relations. A few indie developers are finding themselves unable to attend the 2017 Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) because of the executive order. As such, they have no way to demo their games to any US-based gaming media. Devolver Digital is picking up the slack and offering to demo any games for devs affected by this travel ban.

If you are a developer in one of the countries impacted by the ban, you can fill out the form at this page to submit your game for Devolver to showcase. You can also email Devolver at [email protected] and send them the following information:

  • Studio Name / Developer Name 
  • Short description of the game 
  • Country of origin 
  • Link to video of the game if available

GDC officials are also offering refunds to anyone who has paid in advance of the show that can no longer attend. Devolver does note that its space is limited, so any parties looking for some respite should get in contact ASAP.

Devolver Digital has built quite the reputation for itself over the years. It went from relative obscurity to an indie darling by signing licenses with some classic titles and publishing games that push the envelope in a lot of ways. I’ve gotta say that I find Devolver to be quite awesome, even if I’m not always a fan of the games it publishes.

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