Top up your backlog with this Devolver Digital Steam sale

Loop Hero in the 2022 Devolver Digital Steam sale

Running from May 5–16, 2022

As much as we’ve moved away from highlighting publisher-specific sales on Steam, sometimes, I can’t help it. Devolver Digital’s name is attached to so many interesting games that so many of us dig, and the publisher’s current Steam sale — which runs from May 5–16 — deserves a nod. Some of these games are a couple of bucks, if that.

I don’t even know where to begin with recommendations — there’s a lot to like, and plenty to love. In terms of more recent jams, there’s Weird West ($29.99), Shadow Warrior 3 ($29.99), Loop Hero ($4.94), Inscryption ($13.99), and Death’s Door ($11.99). Eric had some wacky tales to tell in his Weird West review; in case you missed it, one of the protagonists is a pigman, and that’s quite the setup for an action-RPG immersive sim.

I have too many recommendations

If we’re dipping further back in the catalog, I’d give a shout to Boomerang X ($9.99) and Olija ($7.49), both of which feel more under-the-radar than they should be. The former is an aerial-focused action game that feels badass without being too unbearably intense, and the latter game reminded me of Éric Chahi’s Another World. It’s moody.

You also can’t go wrong with Gris ($4.24), The Talos Principle ($3.99), Pikuniku ($3.24), or Downwell ($0.98) in this Devolver Digital Steam sale. How many more titles can I spout off? Let’s rope in Ape Out ($3.74) and Sludge Life ($7.49), too. They’re all such different experiences, yet they sit comfortably side-by-side. This weirdo family makes sense.

Devolver Digital 2022 Steam sale artwork
These tiny Pikuniku and Gris renders are adorable. Art by Grayson Evans.

Even if you’re all Devolver’d out, it’s still worth checking out this spiffy promotional art.

If you don’t have your hands full with eclectic indies, elsewhere on Steam, the store is hosting a bunch of deals on roguelike, roguelite, soulslike, and metroidvania games.

As for me, I never finished Loop Hero, and I must atone.

[Image credit: Devolver Digital / Bard-the-zombie]

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