Devo tracks coming to Rock Band, synth re-recorded as guitar leads

At this point, I think it’s pretty safe to say that any band who has ever written or recorded a song will at some point have their music in Rock Band. But it’s always nice to have confirmation, and this time, it comes from Devo founder Mark Mothersbaugh.

Speaking to X-Play, Mothersbaugh confirms that three Devo tracks will be coming to Rock Band at some point in the future, one of which was re-recorded exclusively for the game.

“They wanted ‘Through Being Cool’ for some reason, which is kind of odd because it’s all synth solos,” he said, “so we re-recorded it. My brother Bob, who’s our guitar player, played all my synth solos [and] synth leads as guitar leads, so it would relate to the game better, and then we recorded one of those little crazy endings that they put on it.”

No word on what other two songs will be appearing in the game, or why in the hell Harmonix didn’t just make a synth peripheral specifically for Devo songs. Jerks.

Nick Chester