Devious smile: ‘Mishaps’ can occur in RollerCoaster Tycoon World

Plus details on the freeform track editor

Area 52 is promising footage of RollerCoaster Tycoon World soon, presumably on or around the Game Developers Conference early next month. I look forward to seeing that, skeptical as I still am about the game. Until then, here’s a bunch of words describing its coasters. Highlights:

  • “The first thing we did was create an all-3D-based coaster building tool and converted all of our coasters to be fully spline-based. This means that each track now has a ‘node’ on either end that allows you to manipulate it in 3D space!”
  • Standard roller coasters and pre-built pieces are an option as always, but the editor also allows freeform coaster designs. “Although the ground will still feature a grid, it is simply there to help place park elements where you want them.”
  • When building a coaster, you aren’t paying for each individual piece as you go. Instead, you’ll put together the layout for the entire structure before building and paying for it.
  • There are steel, wooden, and hanging track types.

There’s a short Q&A on the blog, too. Someone asked the question I was most concerned about, which is, “Will there be coaster destruction of the possibility for ‘mishaps?'” You bet.

“Be careful not to build something too crazy or your peeps might have a rough time staying in their seats as the coaster goes around that bend,” responded Area 52. Hehehe.

It’d be swell if RCT World and Frontier’s roller coaster game turn out okay. It’s been too long.

Jordan Devore
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