Deviljho is stomping into Monster Hunter: World PC

A chance to earn a new mantle

A certain beefy-looking pickled beast will soon start making the rounds in Monster Hunter: World on PC. Capcom is rolling out an update today that adds the fearsome Deviljho along with related armor sets, weapons, and the Dragonproof Mantle (which can reduce damage and nullify Dragonblight).

To take on the new foe, you’ll first need to finish the “??? Rathian” investigation as part of the main storyline. Once that’s taken care of, you’ll be able to research Deviljho — look for a ??? listing on the map, head to that area, and search for its tracks. Eventually you’ll earn the right to take on a quest called The Food Chain Dominator, which is where you can earn the Dragonproof Mantle.

Deviljho invades six- and seven-star quests and high-rank expeditions. He puts up a good fight! Today’s update also includes bug fixes, though it sounds like there’s still work to be done with Teostra.

Incoming Title Update: Deviljho added; various fixes [Steam]

Jordan Devore
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