Devil Survivor: New screens, time aspect explained

If you’ve read our preview of Devil Survivor, then you know that the DS is about to get a heaping helping of Atlus-made strategy RPG goodness next month. I’m quite a bit farther into the game than I was when I wrote the preview, and now I’m getting my ass handed to me constantly! But it’s so fun that I keep coming back for more punishment. This game is my jam.

One aspect of Devil Survivor that reminds me of the last two Persona games is the time. Time is way more prevalent and important here, though. A floating timer hangs over the heads of Tokyo’s inhabitants, with the number indicating how many days each person has left to live. Your actions and decisions can change this timer, but you’ll usually have to fight for a positive outcome. Game editor Nich Maragos has done a great job of explaining how the time system in Devil Survivor works in Atlus’ forums.

We’ve got several new screens from the game in our gallery below. Sharp eyes will notice some new demons that we haven’t seen before. 

Look forward to our review of Devil Survivor late next month.

Dale North