Devil May Cry Switch will not get a physical release, here’s what it looks like

Price still TBA

Yesterday the internet exploded after Capcom revealed a Switch port of the first Devil May Cry game, but it turns out the yogurt was cursed (this is a way better metaphor than the monkey’s paw, don’t at me).

Instead of porting the entire HD collection over to the platform — a compilation of the first three Devil May Cry games that you can score for under $30 — Capcom is only bringing the original title to the Switch. As I pointed out yesterday, the publisher is charging $30 each for old Resident Evil ports, so it stands to reason that they’d do the same here.

There’s another caveat, announced on their official site for the Switch port: it’s going to be an eShop exclusive. Basically, that means there isn’t going to be a physical release at all. If you want to get a look at the port feel free to peruse the gallery below, but again, I’m more excited for what this means for Dante in Nintendo franchises than I am about this actual SKU.

Devil May Cry [Capcom]

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