Devil May Cry is getting a Switch triple pack in Japan, but there’s a massive download code catch

2+3 are codes

Yesterday we learned that Capcom intends to bring Devil May Cry 3 to the Switch in February 2020, but what’s that? No HD Collection? Yep, unfortunately Capcom made the decision to split them up piecemeal, charging $20 a pop when the entire HD trilogy is available on platforms like PS4 for $20 total. Alas there is an option, but it comes with several caveats.

Caveat number one: it’s currently available in Japan only. Caveat number two: it comes with a physical edition of the first game, and download codes for 2+3. Ouch! These are classics that deserve to be played for eternity, so not having guaranteed physical copies for as many platforms as possible is a problem.

Either way, it’s available if you want it, for the not-awful price of 4,990 yen (roughly $45), which beats buying them all for $60. You can also spring for a special edition with a Dante/Vergil glass and coaster set for 8,990 (about $82).

Triple Pack [Capcom]

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