Devil May Cry HD will be free for Twitch Prime members this month

PC version only

Every month, Twitch Prime members (and by extension, Amazon Prime users) receive a free PC game for being signed up to the service. While some of the past games have been pretty good, Twitch is going all out for this month’s freebie. Starting February 27, anyone with a Prime account will be able to grab the PC version of Devil May Cry HD  ]for gratis (and a full two weeks ahead of schedule).

You can claim the title from Twitch’s website, but you’ll need to have the desktop app installed to actually download it. While that kind of sucks, at least you won’t need to splurge on the package to find out if the port is any decent. Knowing Capcom’s track record of PC games, though, I doubt this new version will be bad.

Devil May Cry Is A Twitch Prime Freebie Starting February 27, 2018 [Siliconera]

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