Devil May Cry 5 is rocking Steam’s global top sellers chart

The time has come…

Devil May Cry 5 is still roughly half a year away from launch and it is already selling like crazy. According to Steam’s “Global Top Sellers” chart, the deluxe edition of the game is sitting at number one on the platform (as of the time of writing). While this is only related to the PC version, I have no doubt that the game is doing insanely well with pre-orders on consoles.

For those unaware, the “Global Top Sellers” chart includes every country Steam services. The regular “Top Sellers” chart is just data from the US. If we go by that, Devil May Cry 5 is at number six, which is still damned impressive. Funny what returning to the classic DMC style can do for a game.

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.