Devil May Cry 3 on Switch goes for broke, completely opens up weapon switching mechanic

This is in addition to style swap

So, Devil May Cry 3 on Switch is going to be nuts, you guys.

We already got confirmation that Devil May Cry 3 was getting the style swap mechanic from DMC4 and 5. That’s huge on its own, as you can now freely change between, say, Trickster to dash about and then instantly back into Royal Guard for a perfect parry. It’s insane how meticulous some of the combo videos are going to be for this game. But that’s not all, apparently.

Confirmed this week on one of the fabled Devil May Cry 3 days (which did not bring Dante into the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene) the Switch port is also getting an expanded weapon switching mode. Wait, that was already in, right? Well, to an extent.

In the original Devil May Cry 3 (and the special edition with Vergil), you could swap between two melee and two ranged weapons each. Now, you’ll be able to bring up a radial menu and choose everything. Again, this is huge. It sounds like no big deal if you haven’t played the game yet, but Devil May Cry 3 has one of the weirdest and deepest arsenals in the entire series, so opening up for posterity could make the best action game of all time (don’t at me) even better.

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