Developers say Wiimote is more than just a TV-breaking projectile

While the first crop of Wii games have been average at best and for the most part, haven’t fully taken advantage of Nintendo’s unique control scheme, one development group is already speaking up about the controller’s potential. Eurogamer has the info from Ed Bradley (not the 60 Minutes dude):

It can certainly spew out a lot of useful info. The tricky bit is making meaningful use of it all. At the end of the day developers want players to have fun rather than impose clever mathematics on them, so if it turns out to be fun only using a simple subset of the controller’s gizmos then why worry about how “proper” it is?

Personally I think the controller is capable of translating actions far more complex and energetic than most players are interested in performing even in the privacy of their own homes. Sort of a “just because we can it doesn’t mean we should” situation.

Clearly, if the Wii is to survive, we need the games that take full advantage of the Wiimote. For Nintendo’s own good, this better come sooner, rather than later.


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