Devastingly great deals on PS3 games you could give two sh*ts about

I’m not one of those people more tempted to pick up a game if it’s twenty dollars cheaper than it was on its release date, as I tend to just buy the games I want outright, but sometimes you just can’t pass up a good deal. I remember buying a copy of Kingdom Hearts for ten bucks, and even though I haven’t touched it since, I still feel good about what a solid deal it was.

That being said, Circuit City has cut prices on a few PS3 titles that may up their appeal factor if you haven’t bought them already, including NBA 08, Sega Superstars Tennis, NCAA Football 08, Beowulf, NCAA March Madness, NFL Tour, and The Golden Compass. I would rather iron every shirt in my closet while listening to Wing than play a sports game (sorry Samit), but playing Beowulf may be better than watching the movie it was based on, which made my face hurt.

[Via PunchJump — Thanks, Jonathan]

Colette Bennett