Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen gives heartfelt thanks to fans amidst Eidos layoffs

Toufexis wonders whether Elon Musk would buy the franchise.

Deus Ex: Adam Jensen loading a pistol while leaning against a wall.

Recently, we brought news that Embracer Group was laying off staff at Eidos Montreal. This brought to the fore the uncertainty of the Deus Ex franchise, and now some words of thanks have come from the voice of Adam Jensen himself.

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In a recent post on the Mankind Divided subreddit, Elias Toufexis wanted to express his appreciation for the support over the years. With this, the actor has essentially said goodbye to Jensen, adding that “his story seems done.”

With the future of Deus Ex uncertain, Toufexis has said that the recent layoffs and the alleged cancellation of a potential new game have “angered” him. However, he does – jokingly, it seems – suggest that someone like Elon Musk (“I think he has some money”) could possibly take over the franchise and keep it going.

Who better to take the reins on dystopian sci-fi..?

We will likely never know what would have become of Adam Jensen. Toufexis seems certain that, had the studio been working on a new story based around the character, he would have been contacted.

His message is also the culmination of ongoing dismay within the gaming industry, as huge companies make cutbacks, with some studios shutting down entirely. Eidos Montreal is sadly one of the more recent examples of this swathe of job losses.

But it seems Toufexis wants to try and put a more positive spin on things, hoping fans will continue to like his non-Jensen work. Whether we will ever see a new Deus Ex game again remains to be seen, but with Mankind Divided coming up on the eight-year anniversary of its release, a lot of us are more than hungry for a return to this universe.

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