‘Deus Ex combined with Die Hard’ is probably a stretch, Consortium

Sci-fi talkie mystery hopes for sequel

Consortium is back with a Kickstarter campaign for Consortium: The Tower, a follow up to the 2014 original. In my review I said,

“It’s a little rough — with the most recent patch, I didn’t experience any bugs, though some people are still having trouble — but it’s endearing. The sci-fi meta-narrative, as well as the conspiracy-laced in-world narrative, are both interesting and this was the first time in a while a game has made me do some real detective work.”

This is where the “Deus Ex combined with Die Hard” claim gets its Deus Ex reference point (it is space mystery and conspiracy with dialogue options). The Die Hard in this Resse’s is that there is a tower.

The crew is asking for just over $300,000 for the project, which will release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It’s at about $24,000 at time of writing.

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