Details on US collector’s edition of Street Fighter IV

A couple of weeks ago, we heard about what Australians and Europeans would have to look forward to in their Street Fighter IV collector’s editions. Today, Capcom laid out what bonus items will be packaged with the US package.

After getting feedback from fans after the Japanese box art emerged, Capcom has decided to take Chun-Li off the box and replace her with Ken and Ryu. A good decision, I feel. I like Chun-Li’s magnificant gams as much as the next gentleman but, when I think of Street Fighter, I think of Ryu and Ken first and foremost.

Other changes have been implemented also. Instead of the pairing of Ryu and Viper figures (with a crowded Chinese street environment to put them in) our friends across the pond are getting, American buyers will only get one figure. Ryu and Viper appear in the PS3 and 360 versions, respectively. So, Sony is getting the icon while MS is getting the bewbs.

To make up for the lack of extra figurine, however, a soundtrack will come in the box for both consoles. And everyone is getting a mini-strategy guide plus a bonus disc with an 85-minute feature that describes the backstory to the new installment (Blu-Ray on PS3, a game disc with the video in 720p for 360).

So, how many of you are planning to pick up this edition?

Conrad Zimmerman