Details on the Love Plus Visa credit card

There’s seriously a Love Plus Visa card. Let that sink in for a moment. 

Just released earlier this month in Japan, the Love Plus credit card features a special image of all three girls from Konami’s popular dating game. Could you imagine charging a purchase with this? How much nerd cred would you have with this? I think you’d be pretty much untouchable by having a Love Plus credit card.

Applications are still being accepted here until the end of April 30th. Game Swag has some details on the crazy promotions the card company ran to get fans to apply. Early applicants were entered in a lottery to win one of 20 framed illustrations by the game’s designer. Another gives card owners a fake student ID for Towano Private High School, where the girls go to school.

The coolest campaign has card members submitting nicknames by which they want their Love Plus girlfriends to call them. 1,500 submissions are being accepted, 500 submissions per girl. Selected nicknames from the list of submissions will then be used in the Love Plus 3DS game. That would get you even more nerd cred than owning the card!

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