Details on Halo: Reach’s ‘Invasion’ multiplayer

This past Friday night details on Halo: Reach‘s multiplayer mode “Invasion” were dropped on GameTrailers TV (above) and does it sound cool. The mode is only available in Boneyard and is jam packed with vehicles and other cool toys to grab. Throughout a match the multi-tiered level will open up with each level unlocking and various weapons and loudouts becoming available as they do.

On top of explaining how the new multiplayer mode will function, the guys at Bungie snuck in our first look at the human grenade launcher and the plasma launcher. From the brief glimpse of them in the video it looks like they will be worthy additions to Halo‘s arsenal.

As with almost all things having to do with this game, we’re just going to have to wait a little longer to learn more about it. The video teases that more information will be landing in June. Maybe then we will learn if ODST‘s “Firefight” mode will return in Reach since they totally dodged the question when asked.

Halo: Reach ‘Invasion’ mode unveiled on latest GTTV [Joystiq]

Matthew Razak