Details for Telltale’s Walking Dead Season 3 come out of Comic Con

Or San Diego Comic Con if you need specifics

Recently we learned a wee little bit about Telltale’s Walking Dead Season 3, but it was mostly a confirmation that it was still happening, and still featured Clementine.

Now, by way of information that the publisher released at San Diego Comic-Con, we know that Clementine (who will be getting more light shed on her backstory) will join a character named Javier, and we’ll actually be playing as both of them at some point in the series. Telltale also pulls its typical “it continues the narrative from the originals, but newcomers can join in now too!” shtick, just in case you thought it would be more intrinsically linked. That said, “AJ,” a new character, is the son of Rebecca from Season 2, so there is some attempt there.

I wonder if Clem will die at the end? I mean, it makes perfect sense to have her pass the torch on to another character and repeat the cycle over again. Plus, it would fall into Kirkman’s theme of unending grimdarkness. Or maybe we’ll get three more (years) seasons of Clementine.

Chris Carter
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