Detail-obsessed survival game SCUM passes one million sales

Now it just needs to get through Early Access

Gamepires’ intensely detail-oriented survival game SCUM has cleared one million sales after debuting on Steam Early Access last month. As previously reported, it’s Devolver Digital’s “biggest launch ever.”

The game’s popularity checks out. Between its low price point and word of mouth about its complex simulation, SCUM just seems like a Steam hit in the making. (No joke: there’s a real-time readout for your character’s digestion.) Whether it can retain that momentum over the next year in Early Access is yet to be seen, but clearly, it’s off to a tremendous start. The developers are set up for success.

Here’s what Steam users are saying:

  • I care more about what I eat in this game than in real life.” –Kerbo
  • “Reading some of the reviews you would think this game was marketed as a Battle Royale or something. It’s a survival game. The most fun I’ve had in this game have been hunting bears with a spear, skinning them and then wearing their hide as a trophy.” –OverlordOfSalt
  • “It’s very obviously taken inspiration from other games like DayZ and ARMA. If you’ve played those then you’ll be able to jump into this pretty easily. Like in the ARMA series there’s a good amount of depth to weapons, which I always appreciate. For example, you have to load individual bullets into weapons if you don’t have magazines for them. Thought that was a nice touch.” –Zach Fett
  • “Will probably get to a point where I’ll get ‘content hungry’ since many features are yet to come but so far I’m enjoying myself wandering around.” –Njunja
  • “If you are looking for a PVP only game, I don’t think this is a game for you. If you just want to run, find a weapon and hunt other players you’ll get bored pretty soon because you have to take care of your character’s metabolism to maintain your energy and stamina regeneration.” –bAKe
  • “I pooped down a chimney.” –OddBawZ

You do you, SCUM. It’s absolutely not for me, but I respect this dang video game.

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