Desura owner Bad JuJu files for bankruptcy

Bad times at Bad JuJu

A couple of weeks ago, it came to light that digital distributor Desura, and its indie bundle site Indie Royale, has been failing to pay developers on its platforms.

Well, it looks like they might not be getting that money at all now, as the owner company Bad JuJu has filed for bankruptcy.

Indie Royale employee Graeme Boxall broke the news via Twitter today:

Meanwhile, a Bad JuJu employee has claimed to have no access to company email accounts:

She also claims that Bad JuJu has a court order to no longer use any more of the company accounts, while also ordering the CEO (who was in hospital when the payment issue arose) to remain silent.

It is unclear as to whether they mean email or financial accounts, but either way it’s not a great sign when there are multiple developers still trying to receive payment:

The bankruptcy claim can be seen on website Inforuptcy, a database of all the bankruptcy filings that occurs in the United States.

Bad JuJu bought Desura from Second Life developer Linden Labs in late 2014. Less than a year later and they’re now in the shit. Bye Bad JuJu.

We hardly knew ye.

Joe Parlock