DestrUKtoid Episode 8 – The Lost Episode

Yeah, this took some recovering

The UK, it exists and Destructoid now has writers there. Great British Pounds. Eastenders. Steptoe and Son. The Destructoid UK Podcast (DestrUKtoid).

So, this episode of DestrUKtoid really should have gone up last week. Pre E3 schedules and some major technical issues meant this episode almost didn’t see the light of day. Fear not, we did some technical wizardry and managed to recover the episode. Excuse the poor audio quality at times, you’ll have a new episode tomorrow too which should make up for it.

This week UK Editor Laura Dale is joined by Joe Parlock and Vikki Blake mainly to discuss why they stole all those damn Spatoon amiibo. We also talk about Fallout 4 a little.

Have a listen on iTunes or Direct Download.

Laura Dale