Destructoid’s picks: September 2007

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If you’re anything like the team here at Destructoid, deciding which videogames to buy in any given month is never really a problem. You simply roll up to the local game shop in your stretch Hummer, send in your army of European supermodel slaves (armed with black Centurion Amex cards), and you have them buy every single one of them.

More likely, however, you’re torn — do you shoot things this month, or do you drive real fast while shooting things? Or maybe, you’d rather be bouncing a ball up and down a court. It’s a tough decision, we understand.

For those of you who don’t have the cash to charter a private jet to make it to that special midnight launch, this new monthly feature is for you. Over drinks and a lot of crying, we’ve gone thought last month’s releases, and have come up with a handy guide to help you choose what game (or games) you should blow your hard earned lunch money on. 

Don’t agree with us? Yeah, we thought that might be an issue. That’s fine — feel free to bad-mouth us, or better yet, offer helpful suggestions to your fellow readers and gamers. So without further adieu, we present … Destructoid’s picks for September 2007.

Jam Sessions

So, it’s not technically a game, per se, but Ubisoft’s Jam Sessions is certainly a fun and useful tool for musicians and assorted other wannabes. Whether you can’t nail an A major to save your life and just want to pretend, or you’re just looking for a cool ear training tool, Jam Sessions could be what you’re looking for.

Not your thing? TryDrawn to Life

World in Conflict

“It’s highly recommended to anyone who is a fan of the genre, or has always wanted to get into it.” wrote Nex in his 9.5 out of ten review. “Admittedly, I’ve always been horrible at RTS titles, but with the innovations made in World in Conflict I’ve had more fun smashing Ivan’s frontlines than I have with such a title in years.”

Not your thing? Try … Stranglehold

NHL 08

While not as solid as its next-gen brothers, Electronic Art’s NHL ’08 is a slightly better offering than 2K Sports’ NHL 2K8 title. With deep, refined gameplay (this is the 48th iteration of the title, isn’t it?), this is a good bet for hockey fans who have yet to find a reason (or the cash) to upgrade their consoles. 

Not your thing? Try … Soul Nomad and the World Eaters

Heavenly Sword

While Heavenly Sword is by no means the one title sent from the heavens to save the PS3 from a near-drought of solid, original titles, it’s certainly a showpiece for Sony’s powerful console. Gorgeous visuals aside, Heavenly Sword features a solid story, delivered by way of top-notch voice acting. Oh, and the gameplay ain’t that bad, either.

Not your thing? Try … Skate

Worms: Open Warfare 2

A must-have for any fans of the series, Open Warfare 2 is a great PSP multiplayer experience, and one that many reviewers are calling one of the best Worms games yet. Throw in an online component, and this one’s a no-brainer.

Not your thing? Try … NBA 08


In Topher’s own words: “MySims is just too f**king cute.” Or was it this month’s slim Wii pickings? Hmmm …

Not your thing? Try … Dewy’s Adventure

XBOX 360
Halo 3

The second coming? Maybe not, but with $170 million in first-day sales, there’s gotta be something to this game, right? Turns out this Halo business is actually pretty good, especially in the multiplayer and matchmaking department, where its unprecedented usability and features make it a must have for first-person shooter fans.

Not your thing? Try … Skate

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