Destructoid’s games of the week for 2/04/07: Purple Rain edition

As you know, it’s Super Bowl Sunday (or as our friends in Europe call it “That’s Not Football, Ye Wankers” Sunday). As it is every year, today is a celebration of all things American; from huge guys smashing the life out of each other to clever, gimmicky commercials trying to sell you beer, one only need watch this four hour stretch of television to realize why America is so great.

Nothing epitomizes that spirit more than the halftime show of today’s game, featuring Prince. If we could capture the essence of the bald eagle, George Washington and Steve McQueen in a symbol, it would look as similar to the one Prince changed his name to (without actually infringing on the copyright) as humanly possible. This androgynous lil’ fella went through a set comprised of his own songs, a song by the Foo Fighters and a song by Jimi Hendrix, all while avoiding the torrents of colored flame surrounding him. Even when the stadium began filling with water from the un-American rainfall, Prince carried on, tossing his headwrap to the side and proudly proclaiming that America would not be shaken by terrorists or nature or even the laws of physics. Denying the natural order is America’s right, and it’s a right we should all be ready to give our lives for.

I want to take a moment to thank Prince for his unwavering example in these trying times. We may be embroiled in a war that makes Vietnam look like a Sunday trip to the local opium den, but as long as we have stalwart role models like Prince (and Paul Ruebens), America will always prevail. 

Here’s what we’ve been playing this week. If you disagree with us, we reserve the right to bomb you back to the stone age. God bless America. 

What have I been playing this week? Crackdown, my friends, Crackdown every day since Tuesday, when I first got my grubby little hands in it. Free games FTW. In travel time, still working on Hotel Dusk. The big review is coming soon. 

This week I’ve been playing a ton of my pre-release, full version of Crackdown. It’s not just GTA with superheroes, but, on the other hand, it kinda is. The upside to that is that both GTA AND superheroes are rad, thus making the combination of the two double rad

Robert Summa:
Put me down for Crackdown and Hotel Dusk. Best combo eva!

I’m playing Hotel Dusk and the Rogue Galaxy demo, if I’m cool enough to make the list.

Nick Brutal: 
The DS seems to be my system of choice this week.

I’m “playing” Hotel Dusk right now and so far, I’m enjoying my stay.

I managed to pick up Gunpey DS and if anyone can tell me how the hell to play this game, I’d appreciate it. It’s not that I don’t understand how the game works, it’s just that the fun is evading me. I feel like I’m misunderstanding an important game mechanic that would allow me to enjoy myself. Someone help me out here.

I bitterly report that my Xbox 360 hard drive replacement, which died last Saturday and was promptly reported, has yet to arrive. Meanwhile everybody and their mom is playing Crackdown as I cry buckled over, tears soaking my loin cloth. After a short stint with Fight Night 3 on the PS3 I, like Nick, have also taken to my DS for refuge. I’m playing a Game Boy Advance game cart called Mazes of Fate that plays like an upgraded SNES era dungeon crawler. I have gripes about it but overall it’s pretty good, I haven’t played a game like this in forever. It’s refreshing, but after awhile you start to realize why the industry has long abandoned this engine style. Great for an indie effort, though.

Words cannot describe how badly I want a retail copy of Crackdown. So when I got the three rings of death on my Xbox 360, I guess you could say that I freaked out just a tad bit. After tinkering with it for five minutes or so, it magically started working again and I was extremely relieved.

I’m still playing a bit of Harvest Moon DS, but I had a week long headache and staring at a small screen doesn’t help get rid of them. I stuck to watching television this week, mostly American Idol. Scary, huh?

With schoolwork up to my knickers (knickers, pretty sexy right?) I’ve oriented my gaming to suit more theraputic purposes by tackling stress-induced bloodlust with the most violent titles I have to play with at bay.

Thus, I’m replaying God of War during the week after being inspired by the new God of War 2 vidoes, and dabbling in Resistance Fall of Man during the weekend.


Hopefully you guys are sober enough to read this and let us know in the comments what you’ve been playing this week (and if not, you probably won’t realize that I totally lifted Stephen Colbert’s schtick). 

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