Destructoid’s games of the week for 1/21/07: Kittens are cute edition!

Usually, this is the place where I would elucidate for a page and a half with lies, half-truths and pictures of bears in an effort to entertain you (and, more importantly, myself), but when I woke up today, the above picture was the first thing I saw and it has utterly sucked away any ability I may have had to entertain. Instead, I’m left a husk of a man, only barely able to feed myself. The utter adorableness of the above image has rendered me a barely conscious, cooing, wreck of a man.

I know that Destructoid is supposed to be a gaming site, and that some of you who don’t have the heart to appreciate such things are probably assembling outside of my house with pitchforks and sharpened Xbox 360 controllers. If so, let me just point out one fact about the above kitten: he looks a lot like Link, doesn’t he? Can’t you just picture him riding the hills of Hyrule on the back of his trusty steed Epona?

Of course you can’t, he’s a kitten. Idiot.

(The picture comes courtesy of my favorite woman on the entire Internet, Meg Frost of Cute Overload . She’s the epitome of the cat’s pajamas.) 

The games the editors have been playing this week don’t amount to much of anything in the face of the adorableness above. Keep that in mind while you’re reading. Oh, and call your mother. She misses you.

Nick Brutal:
Fish Dude on the Game Boy. Ahead of it’s time. Waiting for a next gen version.

Also playing: Elite Beat Agents — even though the rhythm aspect of this game baffles me, I can’t stop playing it. Now that I’ve cleared Lost Planet off of my plate, I also have my eyes set on playing through Elebitsand opening up this brand new copy of Disaster Report I bought two weeks ago.

Gears of War. Seriously, I think this game is just as addicting as some of those crapfest MMOs that people pour money into, like Everquest or World of Warcraft. No exaggeration, I’ve probably spent almost a quarter of my winter vacation from school playing Gears; there is nothing better than a run and gun shotgun to a Locust’s face to get you going.

Dick McVengeance:
I’m also going for Elite Beat Agents this week. I’m just about done with it on medium, and so I should be halfway through hard by next week. I’m also praying that I’ll get through God Hand after so much procrastination with the game; I’ve just got to beat that damn ape. It’s hard, though, since he’s got king kong in the trunk.

The Burning Crusade. This week has been one long blur of WoW-y goodness. I haven’t had this much fun in Azeroth in a year and a half, and as much as I’d like to tell people they need to go get this, if you are a WoW player, you’re already going to buy it.

Oh, and I’ve been drinking heavily. It helps dull the sting of my failed marriage.

Aaron Linde:
I’m finally going to beat Okami. I mean it, this time. And when I say ‘beat’, I mean ‘play more than 4 hours’, so there’s a lot yet to do. My recent splurge on a new PC means that I’ve got a lot of backlogged PC games to play through, but I’m going to try to ignore it long enough to make a dent in the nearly half of my ridiculously huge PS2 library that I haven’t played, starting with Okami, God damnit.

Fronz: Lost Planet, that’s it. 

That’s the conclusion. Why so few editors this time? Because everyone else is a lazy git.

What have you been playing this week? 

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